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March 14th–20th, 2016 / Cinema Muzeul Țăranului, Cinema Elvire Popesco, Universitatea Națională de Muzică / the 6th edition


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BIEFF 2016 Main Award for Best Experimental Film (offered by the Romanian Cultural Institute) – 3,000€

by Scott Cummings (USA, 2014, 30')
BIEFF 2016 - Buffalo Juggalos, de Scott Cummings

BIEFF Jury statement:
Seemingly simple in its punk attitude this film is, in fact, a subtle genre-defying work in which tableaux vivants are also a narrative structure, mask and make-up claim to convey real identities, and a sense of integrity is established through irreverent social disavowal. We are gradually drawn to partake in a sub-culture without ever reducing or bracketing it.


Award for Best Director (offered by Cinelab Romania) – 1,500€

by Zia Anger (USA, 2015, 18')
BIEFF 2016 - I Remember Nothing, de Zia Anger

BIEFF Jury statement:
In a dramatic restaging of the five phases of an epilepsy attack, this film depicts a highschool softball player’s sexually induced out of body experience. With its uncanny, quiet, yet forceful rhythm, using multiple actresses for the main part and multilayered sonic textures, the film creates a heightened sense of artificiality.

Award for Best Visual Concept (offered by Cinelab Romania) – 1,500€

by Randa Maroufi (France, 2015, 14')

BIEFF 2016 - The Park, de Randa Maroufi

BIEFF Jury statement:
In a stylistically succinct investigation of virtual self-representation, this film skillfully interweaves flat and round, still and moving, real and virtual images of youth in revolt suspended in mid-action, unstuck in time. Through the eye of the director’s floating camera a derelict fairground in Casablanca becomes the terrain for serious play, for violent games and casual posing.

Award for Best Romanian Filmmaker (offered by the Romanian Filmmakers' Union) – 1,000€

by Mihai Grecu (France, 2015, 9')

BIEFF 2016 - The Reflection of Power, de Mihai Grecu

BIEFF Jury statement:
This award is presented to a director whose continued use of 3D technologies remains very personal. Remodelling the city of Pyongyang as it is immersed in a sudden flood, the film allows us to understand at the same time the absurdity of a system that is running out of breath and the tragedy that the North Korean people experience on a daily basis.

Special Jury Mention

by Gabriel Abrantes (Portugal / Switzerland, 2015, 23')

BIEFF 2016 - Freud and Friends, de Gabriel Abrantes

BIEFF Jury statement:
A hilarious exploration of unsettling dreamscapes that questions male self, placing the director himself at the center of an outrageously playful reinvention and re-appropriation of tropes from cinema and television. Conjugating glowing cinematic savoir faire and startling satirical touches, this film leads the viewer through a trip into entertainment, both as a mode of fruition and as a set of references that can nurture and highlight the enjoyment of the cinematic experience.