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March 14th–20th, 2016 / Cinema Muzeul Țăranului, Cinema Elvire Popesco, Universitatea Națională de Muzică / the 6th edition


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Cinema Elvire Popesco - Saturday, March 19, 2016 - 17:00
Michael Kennedy, Mohammad Shawky Hassan
Michael Kennedy, Mohammad Shawky Hassan
Michael Kennedy, Mohammad Shawky Hassan
Mohammad Shawky Hassan
Romanian Premiere
And on a Different Note is a deeply personal insight into human behaviour in crisis situations. The author, Mohammad Shawky Hassan, is an Egyptian expat living in New York, who experiences the ongoing political developments in his country by exposing himself to a ceaseless flux of political Egyptian talk-shows. Shots of silent empty rooms with windows overlooking a backstreet intermix with the noise of the angry and bigoted discourse in Arab, of which but a few keywords are translated, making it even more effective. As the audio stream becomes overwhelmingly intense, a growing sense of alienation carries the viewer into the director’s interior world. (Adina Marin, BIEFF)

Mohammad Shawky Hassan

Mohammad Shawky Hassan is a filmmaker and scholar. He studied philosophy, film directing and cinema studies at The American University in Cairo, The Academy of Cinematic Arts & Sciences and Columbia University. His films include It Was Related to Me (2011) and On a Day Like Today (2012). He presented film programs at the Oberhausen Short Film Festival, Anthology Film Archives, The New York Public Library and UnionDocs, and is currently running the Network of Arab Arthouse Screens (NAAS).

Festivals, awards: 
  • Berlinale Forum Expanded 2015
  • AFAC Film Week, Zawya, Cairo 2015
  • Films from Here, MoMA 2015
Director's statement:
And on a Different Note is a navigation of an attempt to carve out a personal space amid an inescapable sonic shield created primarily by prime time political talk shows with their indistinguishable, absurd and at times undecipherable rhetoric / noises. Equally repulsive and addictive, these noises travel across geographies gradually constituting an integral part of a self-created map of exile. (Mohammad Shawky Hassan)