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March 14th–20th, 2016 / Cinema Muzeul Țăranului, Cinema Elvire Popesco, Universitatea Națională de Muzică / the 6th edition


Directed by: 
Cinema Elvire Popesco - Thursday, March 17, 2016 - 20:00
Cinema Muzeul Țăranului - Saturday, March 19, 2016 - 19:30
Written by: 
Peter Tscherkassky
Peter Tscherkassky
Peter Tscherkassky
Dirk Schaefer
Dirk Schaefer
Supported by Land Niederösterreich BKA. Kunst
Romanian Premiere
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Awarded Special Mention upon its debut at last year’s Quinzaine des Réalisateurs in Cannes, The Exquisite Corpus is Peter Tscherkassky’s long-awaited follow-up to his 2009 Coming Attractions. Using as material and thematic basis erotic footage culled from various sources, Tscherkassky employs his trademark techniques of analog manipulation, creating a veritable garden of delight: arriving amongst a nudist colony, a couple approaches a woman sleeping on the beach. Her fortuitous state of reverie takes over and we’re thrown into every celluloid fan’s erotic dream. Montage and manipulation guide Tscherkassky’s formal narrative of the seduction and coital triumph of the body, as it is reinforced by frequent collaborator Dirk Schaefer’s hypnotic sound collages. With its beautiful craftsmanship, The Exquisite Corpus disassembles cinema and the body in a delicious celebration of arousal. (Andrei Tănăsescu, BIEFF)

Peter Tscherkassky

Peter Tscherkassky was born in 1958 in Vienna, Austria and lived in Berlin between 1979-84. He studied philosophy and his doctoral thesis was Film as Art. Towards a Critical Aesthetics of Cinematography (1985/86). He is a founding member of Sixpack Film and has organized several international avant-garde film festivals in Vienna and film tours abroad. Since 1979 he has produced a large number of award-winning experimental films, and has released numerous publications and lectures on the history and theory of avant-garde film.

Festivals, awards: 
  • Special Mention - Quinzaines des Réalisateurs, Cannes 2015
  • Toronto International Film Festival 2015
  • 25fps Film & Video Festival 2015
  • BFI Film Festival 2015
  • Festival du Nouveau Cinéma, Montréal 2015
  • New York Film Festival 2015
  • Jihlava Documentary Film Festival 2015
  • Vienna International Film Festival 2015
  • Mar de Plata International Film Festival 2015
  • Vila do Conde International Short Film Festival 2015
  • Melbourne International Film Festival 2015
  • Chicago International Film Festival 2015
Director's statement:
While I derived most of my films near exclusively from a single found footage source, The Exquisite Corpus is based on several different films, referencing the surrealist exquisite corpse technique. You'll find several rushes from commercials, an American erotic thriller from the 1980s, a British comedy from the 1960s, a Danish as well as a French porn film (both most likely from the 1970s), an Italian soft-core sex movie from 1979, and a (British?) amateur movie... I mainly focused on these erotic films; they are related in that each tells a completely insane story that is entirely irrelevant but achieves the main goal of showing naked human bodies. I play on this attitude by raising the body of film itself to the forefront, which thereby becomes the central theme of The Exquisite Corpus. These diverse sources serve as a basis for The Exquisite Corpus, giving rise to heterogeneities I willingly accepted in the spirit of the surrealist technique of the cadavre exquis. At the same time the title of the film refers to the exquisite corpse which analog cinema nowadays represents: an exquisite corpus but stamped with an expiration date. The exact date remains unknown, but it is foreseeable. (Peter Tscherkassky)