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March 14th–20th, 2016 / Cinema Muzeul Țăranului, Cinema Elvire Popesco, Universitatea Națională de Muzică / the 6th edition

Golden Shorts: Best Films in Major Festivals

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Saturday, March 19th, 8pm
Sunday, March 20th, 7pm
at the Opera and Multimedia Studio of the National University of Music Bucharest

Tickets available on Eventbook.

Connected to the largest European film events, BIEFF presents an exceptional program dedicated to the short films award with the Golden Bear at Berlinale 2016, the Palme d'or at Cannes 2015 and the Orizzonti Award in Venice 2015, among others. The films in the Golden Shorts program are screened for the first time in Romania. 

The films:

Rate Me, by Fyzal Boulifa / Illy Prize for Short Film, Quinzaine des Quinzaine des Réalisateurs, Cannes 2015
Kung Fury, by David Sandberg / Nominee for Best Short, European Film Awards 2015
To Be and to Come Back, by Xacio Bano / Clermont-Ferrand Canal+ Award
Waves '98, by Ely Dagher / Palme d'Or for Short Film, Cannes 2015
Belladonna, by Dubravka Turic / Orizzonti Award for Short Film, Venice 2015
- Batrachian's Ballad, by Leonor Teles / Golden Bear for Short Film, Berlinale 2015
Batrachian's Ballad

Kung Fury

Kung Fury

Rate Me
To Be and to Come Back