LIVING IN SPACE (12', Germany / Estonia, 2013)

Screening: Th, 12 Dec., Studio Cinema, 6:00pm

LIVING IN SPACE is a mix of documentary and animation about a man from Tallinn who suffered from schizophrenia since he was a child. The animation, used to portray different states of the psychosis, is an interpretation of the internal world of the character, and invites the viewer to connect and empathize, as does Oliver’s voiceover. With a serious and disquieting tone that dominates the overall atmosphere, the Estonian filmmaker KATRE HAAV creates a stylized documentary in which imagination and reality shape a world where it’s hard to resist being dragged into illusion, but even harder it is to get out of it. The movie tackles a difficult subject to understand or talk about, but manages to make it highly captivating and interesting. (Mihai Teodor, BIEFF 2013)

Director: KATRE HAAV

With the support of:


Cast: Oliver Kukk

Screenplay: Katre Haav

Cinematography: Alvar Kõue

Art Direction: Katre Haav

Editing: Stefan Urlaß

Music: Mirjam Tally

Animation: Jörg Halsema

Sound: Bastian Steinbrück

Producer: Ralf Kukula, Grit Wißkirchen

Production: Balance Film GmbH


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Ralf Kukula, Grit Wißkirchen




KATRE HAAV (b. 1987) studied Animation Directing at the Estonian Academy of Arts. After that she attended the Media Design at Bauhaus University Weimar. Her previous animation films include: ON THE LEASH (2005), THERAPIST (2007) and AT THE WRONG SIDE (2009). LIVING IN SPACE is her first animated documentary and it is HAAV’s MA film thesis at the Bauhaus-University Weimar.



Oberhausen International Short Film Festival 2013

Mashrome mix Fest 2013

Backup festival Weimar 2013/ Kratkofil Plus 2013


LIVING IN SPACE is a film where the terrible loneliness is a collateral damage of an even bigger problem, schizophrenia. Abandoned by friends and apparently by the whole world, Oliver is living his daily disease like a true survivor. He survives people’s prejudices, he survives the tempting but frightening hallucinations, he survives his own altered behaviors which might endanger his life. The director KATRE HAAV captures Oliver only in isolated instances, which makes the alienation from the world even more obvious. Starting with a non-medical but accurate definition of schizophrenia, Oliver’s speech is full of memories that gradually reveal how he becomes an alien in his own life. As an animated documentary, LIVING IN SPACE goes beyond the rules of conventional filmmaking, creating a psychedelic experience. The transition from the filmed frames to the graphic images is so smooth, that it almost dissolves them one into the other, and the viewer is taken to the psychotic realm like falling into a trap. The movie tackles a difficult subject to understand or talk about, but manages to make it highly captivating and interesting.” (Mihai Teodor, BIEFF 2013)